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Modern interior design of living room with white sofa and empty black concrete wall backgr

Take a peak at our inspiration gallery with the newest design trends.

Get Inspired By Twin Bridge Lighting

At Twin Bridge Lighting, we carry over 30 brands of chandeliers, lamps, fans, and other home lighting fixtures. We invite you to our Point Edward showroom for browsing and consultation.


Our Product Portfolio

Lamps: Brighten up your home and your mood with a new lamp. Whether you need table lamps, floor lamps, or mounted lamps, we can help you find what you need in the style you want. Our stock ranges from trendy to elegant and everything in between.


Vanities: Whether it is to create a peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate, vanity lighting is very important for style and function. Our beautiful selection of vanity lights will enhance your bathroom’s look and feel.


Chandeliers: Chandeliers are light fixtures that can be used for bright illumination or ambient lighting. From simple and functional to elegant and elaborate, chandeliers can be used for any room of the home.

Fans: Stay cool or simply circulate the air in your home with a beautiful ceiling fan that will not only offer functionality but also make a decorative statement. Our fans come in an array of styles that will enhance any room.


Pendants: A fashionable alternative to chandeliers, pendant lighting can add a wonderful glow to your home. They are often used above kitchen islands and in bathrooms, but pendant lights are versatile and can be installed in any room to provide ambient, task, or decorative light.


Flush Mounts: Less imposing than chandeliers, flush mounts offer a discreet lighting option for smaller spaces and spaces with low ceilings. Ranging from classic to elaborate, choose from our dome-shaped lights for your living room, kitchen, or hallway.


Outdoor Lighting:  Appropriate outdoor lighting can enhance the architectural features of your home while adding security. It can also create a cozy ambience for outdoor entertaining.

Beautiful mirror and lamp
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