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Flush Mounts

If you are looking for a less decorative yet functional ceiling lighting for your home, opt for flush mounts. Point Edward’s Twin Bridge Lighting offers an array of flush mounts for you to choose from. Unlike pendant lights, this type of lighting does not hang low and is best suited for smaller spaces with a low ceiling. These dome-shaped lights are sturdy and have a minimalist style making it easier to clean them. These lights are less prone to letting dust and bugs into the fixture. Ranging from classic to elaborate designs, you can use these to illuminate your living room, kitchen, or hallways. Walk in to our store today to find the right type of flush mount fixture for your home. If you have a plan, discuss with us, and we will see how to make your home look stunning without spending more. We will suggest proper lighting solutions based on your budget. Call us today for a consultation.

Compact Flush Mount Lighting

Bring a boost of brightness to any arrangement in your home with flush mounts.

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